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Hytec Zl10A

Hytec loader

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Hytec loader Details

ZL10A Mini wheel loader Specification
1.0 Engine Details
(1) Model: Changcai ZN385Q
(2) Engine type: In-line arrangement, water-cooled, four-cycle diesel Engine
(3) Rated Power: 20KW (27H.P.)
(4) Rated Speed: 2200 r/min (rpm)
(5) Fuel Consumption ratio in standard working condition: 269g/kw.h
2.0 Steering System
(1) Cycloid full hydraulic steering system: BZZ-125
(2) System Pressure: 10MPa
(3) Steering Cylinder: 76x 63x180   
3.0 Bucket
(1) Bucket Capacity: 0.5 m3
(2) Bucket width: 1400mm
(3) Bucket type: Heavy-duty bolt on teeth
(4) Max. Breakout Force: 32KN
(5) Rated Load: 1000kg
(6) Operating Weight: 2700kg
4.0 Overall Dimensions
(1) Overall Length (Bucket on ground position): 4900mm
(2) Overall Height
(a) Ground to Cab Top: 2520mm
(b) Ground to exhaust pipe: It is below from the top of cabin
(c) Dumping Height: 2545mm
(3) Overall Width: 1685mm
5.0 Operating Specifications
(1) Drive Means: Four-wheel drive
(2) Min Turning Radius: 4200mm
(3) Driving System: mechanical
(4) Dumping Height: 2545mm
(5) Min Base to the ground: 240mm
(6) Time of raise: 3.05sec.
(7) Hydraulic cycle time: 9sec.
6.0 Brake System
(1) Service Brake: Four Wheel Hydraulic spread-shoed brake
(2) Parking Brake: Hand operated
7.0 Tyre
(1) Model: 8.25-16  (2) Width: 20cm  (3) Diameter: 80cm
8.0 Wheelbase: 2040mm
9.0 Track: 1320mm
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